Mar. 19th, 2017

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Hello there, everyone: as a reminder, activity check for the week is still live and there are seven people who still haven't responded. We will be sending out plurk PMs to these people today, as well. We have also sent out our plurk PMs to those who are needed to be involved in the upcoming trial for next week. Please make sure to check your plurk PMs!

Now onto the actual announcements, and feedback input.

    As we mentioned in the last post, we are planning on revamping the taskboard post, and there are some things that we've decided on as a mod team: the first thing is an increase of tasks, specifically for the non-repeatable tasks. We are increasing the limit by two, so you'll have two extra tasks to work with each week. The second thing is an increase of candy, to make it more viable for characters to buy items. The third is that in the poll from the last post, it seems that majority voted yes for having a separate log for the tasks, meaning that starting tomorrow, we will have a task post separate from the regular mingle and see how that works. And the last but not least: we will be limiting the amount of tasks that can be taken per character, along with how many characters can sign up for a different task.

    The taskboard will be updated shortly after this post, so please keep an eye out for that!

Trial and Investigation Times
    Due to some discussion with our fellow players, we are changing the time of our trial and investigation posts to 11 AM PST/2 PM EST as a starting point! Our ending point for the Day 2 trial (Sundays) will be at 8 PM PST/11 PM EST as a compromise for the late starting time. Due to the late execution, however, Monday posts might actually be a little late than it has been the last couple of days - since we'll be doing our RNGs once a character is executed, and talking with our weekly victim/culprit.

    Nothing too major in regards of an update, but thanks to Dahlia-mun's suggestion, we've revamped the profile page to make it alphabetical by character name. If there any issues or minor corrections that anybody would like to make, please feel free to give us a heads up.

Activity Check
    This is mostly an announcement in order to not blindside you guys - since some of you were blindsided by the activity check being thrown up on Friday. All activity checks from now on will be posted on Friday, after the investigation and will close on Sunday, after the execution. PMs will be sent out in advance on Sunday to assure people get their activity check in. In regards to strikes - if you fail AC two consecutive weeks in a row, you will be rolled for death. If you fail AC three different weeks - not consecutive - you will be rolled for death. And as a heads up, if you fear that you're not going to pass AC for a week because you're busy or have excruciating circumstances, please contact the mods.

That is all from us! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to utilize last week's open feedback post or if you would prefer in private, to message us on our contact post. Thank you very much.



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