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Hi there, everyone! I just have a few reminders for you all today: first of all, week four's activity check is up for everyone; even if it is just a check-in, not checking in will count as a strike, and will definitely impact rolls for the upcoming weeks.

Also, for those who are still alive: it is very important that you vote on the feedback post, that way we know which route to take. Dead players do not have to vote - mostly because these votes do not impact their play, as they are not involved in the trials and investigations.

In regards to announcements for the week: I'll be throwing a top level for the letters today and there will also be a top level for the ball that happens tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be the reveal of the new locations for the upcoming week, and I will also start to PM our potential suspects.

As a reminder: we are keeping everything you tell us in consideration. The larger issues are things that we'll be discussing as a moderator team, so I sincerely apologize in the delay of any responses here, as we wish to keep things as clear and as concise as possible. Also, in regards to mod replies in the IC comms - if any of us miss a reply, please do not hesitate to ping me on Discord or plurk with the thread and I'll get to it ASAP.

Anyway, as always, this post is meant to be utilized as an open forum discussion between the mods and players, so feel free to leave a comment. Any and all input is very much appreciated. If there's any personal feedback you'd like to give us, feel free to also leave a comment on our contact post!
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Today is Friday, which means it's time for the usual activity check! Since there's no murder this week and Sunday is Easter, we're giving everybody a free pass on activity and instead of having our normal activity check submission, we would like everyone who's still in game to check in, dead or alive. This way, we know who's still in game and active!

And as a reminder, we would like everyone to also answer the poll in the feedback post if you haven't already! It's important for us moving forward, especially for investigations and trials.

Item priorities will be PM'd next week, as well as suspects. We're most likely leaning towards shifting everything to four suspects for the upcoming week.

In any case, there will be a feedback post for the week tomorrow - which, honestly, will probably not be covering much but be there nevertheless for everyone to essentially discuss anything that you guys wanted to bring up to us personally and essentially have a group discussion in regards to any of it.

All comments are not screened this time, since it's just a check-in! Checking in for AC will net you 150 candy, as always.



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