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Hey there, everyone! It's Len here with a few announcements. Activity check is now officially closed, and we have rolled our dice for death and item priorities for the week. If you haven't gotten a message from us via Plurk or Discord PM, please wait until Tuesday to buy items. Thank you!

Anyway, a few announcements:

Case 2

First and foremost: I would like to thank everyone who participated in this investigation/trial. While you guys ended up making it a tie, you guys did very well, considering. I'm not going to reveal who the culprit is unless they want to reveal it ICly at some point, but I will tell you guys that this case was not unsolvable.

While personally - and this is from my standpoint, so I'm not talking for the mod team as a whole - think that we should have added more clues that possibly hinted to the culprit after everyone started investigating, but we would like to reiterate that the clues were definitely there. We'll be revealing the truth of the case during post-game - or for those who are ghosts in the afterlife, so feel free to ask me on that front.

Other than that, things went rather smoothly for the investigation. The trial, however... was a bit of a mess in a particular area. That particular area being: the room searches. During the proposed room search time, nobody besides myself, Edna/Seraphina's player and the suspects' players were online at all. Which meant that room searches had to be pushed back and that honestly was not fair for the suspects involved with the case.

Hence why I am formally making the announcement to go forward with the Dahlia player's suggestion in the last feedback post: room searches will be conducted at the beginning of the trial. Since the trials start at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST, I will be posting sign-ups on both Plurk and Discord at around 9 AM PST.

The last and minor note about trials: letters. I'm going to be fixing up the formatting for the letters for next week and there will be top levels for each character in next week's trial so the mishap from this week's doesn't happen again.

Activity Checks + Availability

Also in regards to activity: I am going to be putting my foot down here. While AC is the biggest factor in regards to how characters are offed with RNG, if characters do not participate in the trial portions, I will make their chances of being rolled higher. I haven't been doing this in the last few rolls out of fairness, but I will definitely be doing those now, as a heads up.

Another thing to note is that if you are going to unavailable for any reason to please, please give us a heads up personally. It does not matter if you say it on plurk. I can miss that. The other mods can miss that, and we might be giving you a strike that you don't deserve because of that. It's also not fair to be squatting on a character because of it, too. We will also be killing off characters who do not comment to the voting in time unless they tell us, so we would really appreciate it.


I've already said it in chat, but I'll repeat it here so everyone can see it, since some of you might have missed it: please try to be polite and not demean the intelligence of the other players on chat! I was privately messaged about this concern earlier - and I won't be naming names - and I want to reiterate the fact that the MGRP Discord chat is meant to be a place where all the players are comfortable. That is my number one priority as a mod, especially, and I would appreciate that people try not to be downers or push the idea of just simply solving the case.

There is more to a trial than just that, after all.

And that's pretty much it! If anybody else has anything they'd like to add, feel free to comment here. Again, this is an open forum discussion post for any input anyone might have had. And if there's anything personal you'd like to speak to us about, leave a message on our contact post!

Our next feedback post will be on April 9-10, whenever I manage to write it up.
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I don't have too much to contribute, except for expressing approval and thanks! Having the room searches at the beginning is a good idea, and should get us going in a couple directions early on. I say this knowing I won't be awake for signups most likely but I'm happy as long as everyone else will be. I'd also like to apologize about the letters since I was involved in pursuing that, and it was a lack of foresight and reading on my part for not catching it quicker. It was handled well and didn't turn into issue, so I'm glad for that, but I also apologize for any inconvenience I might've caused.

Not much else I can think of to say besides that, other than thank you for watching out for us on chat! I missed what happened when it happened, but I really appreciate you ensuring we're all comfortable and having fun. Thank you guys so much!
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Not exactly feedback, but for the sake of having actual numbers so that it's not as arbitrary, what will be considered the minimum acceptable level of participation in a trial?

Otherwise, this investigation/trial went so much more smoothly this time around besides the minor hiccups you already pointed out, so yay!
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Thanks for running things this weekend, mods! It was incredibly fun, and I appreciate everyone's hard work. I definitely enjoyed getting to play out that smash ending.

Now that it's post-trial, I agree that it was solvable. While I definitely think there was room for one or two more small clues, I think we were also up against accidentally dealing with alibi(s) that coincidentally led to more mixing up of the clues we did have. So I think some of the complications just straight up came out of chance, too. I'm looking forward to seeing how early room searches affect things this week!

I have a couple of other thoughts about trials, but I'm gonna wait until this week's is over to see if I can make sense of what I want to say.

Thanks again and have fun this week! I'm glad you got your birthday murder, Len.