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That's right, you read that subject line correctly. Since we're going into our endgame schedule of two weeks thanks to the majority, we're announcing something a little special that's going to be happening next week:


What does this mean? We're not having a normal murder schedule next week?
    To answer that simply: nope. But to give the long answer: we're having a plot murder every day next week. You heard me. Every day. Which means from next Monday (4/24) to the Sunday of that week (4/30) someone - not necessarily one person - is going to die.

Okay, but what about RNG?
    Characters are still going to be rolled for the week, on Sunday, after AC closes. There will be a minimum of seven characters dying for this cause. Of course, you may also PM me if you wish to volunteer for this task.

So, what about endgame?
    Endgame will be happening the week after that! We will have our FINAL AC on Friday (4/28) and then our last, final, investigation week. This upcoming week is going to be a breather - we'll still have new locations and plenty to investigate because of Plot Murder - so there's no trial for this upcoming week.

    Anyway, if you're unavailable for any reason, feel free to let us know.

And that's it. We'll have another vital announcement once we actually hit the final week, but this is the really big one for this upcoming week.