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Today is Friday - which means the investigation will be occurring in a bit. As an announcement: the majority voted to have the room searches during the investigation, meaning that we'll be putting a top level for that after the body discovery! Also we will also be having four suspects instead of five due to that vote.

As a reminder, if your character is still alive, to vote for the endgame schedule! This vote will count as you being able to participate in our endgame and not get offed because of it.

If anybody has any type of concern, please feel free to utilize our weekly feedback or leave a comment on our contact post.

Now, on with the check!

Activity check consists of:
    2 different threads of 5 comments (from your character) with 2 different characters.

What qualifies for activity check:

  • Weekly mingles - both the network and the main one.
  • Investigation threads.
  • Trials.
  • Threads with the mods - NPC or otherwise.
  • Afterparty (for this week, the Easter Ball counts!)
  • Private conversations.

All comments are screened for the sake of privacy in regards to private conversations. And as a reminder: passing AC nets you 150 candy. Not passing AC two consecutive weeks or three weeks overall will lead into a guaranteed death roll. Opt outs for this death roll are not permissible, especially with endgame coming up. Not voting will also count as a strike.

If you're dead, all that is necessary for you to do is check in!

Activity check form: