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It is, once again: Friday! While Dieday is on on the way in a few hours, we'll be holding our third activity check for the week. All activity must be submitted by Sunday's execution; if you don't post without giving us a heads up, we'll be giving you a strike.

As said in the announcement post from two weeks ago, failing AC two times in a consecutive weeks will guarantee a death roll and three strikes overall will also guarantee a death roll, so please watch out for that. PMs will be sent on Sunday to remind people for activity check so you don't get a strike. Again: if you're busy or have excruciating circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact a mod.

Anyway, onto the check!

Activity check consists of:
    2 different threads of 5 comments (from your character) with 2 different characters.

What qualifies for activity check:
  • Private conversations.
  • NPC threads.
  • Mingles.
  • Investigation threads.
  • Trial threads.
  • Afterparty (Week 2)
  • Execution (Week 2)

All comments are screened for the sake of privacy in regards to private conversations. And as a reminder - passing AC nets you 150 candy.

If you're dead, you just need to check in.

Activity check form: