Apr. 9th, 2017

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Hello there, everyone! Once again, Len here with several announcements. First of all, activity check is closed. There will be no item priorities for the upcoming week, because of reasons that will be explained in the rest of this post.

Week 4

I'm going to start off with the shortest, but big announcement: due to Easter Sunday happening next week, the upcoming week will be a no murder week! What does this mean for you guys? We will be having a plot related week where characters get to do things.

What are those things?

It is a mystery until tomorrow. And because of that, there will be no new locations until next week. We hope you guys all understand and continue to enjoy yourselves regardless!

Week 3 Case

First and foremost, I would like to sincerely apologize personally for the mishap in regards to the rope. It was brought up in the last post out of nowhere and I wished to shoot it down in today's trial, as it was something that was not brought up to us personally in the murder PMs, murderdoc, or anywhere else. This was a problem of a huge miscommunication, and I would like to inform everyone to please make sure to check in with the evidence top level before making any wild statements or accusations that may throw the trial into disarray and even cause the trial to ultimately fail.

We, as mods, want a fair trial, and tossing in non-existent evidence is not fair to the culprit or your fellow suspects.

If you're confused on any of the evidence that is provided, please feel free to contact me personally, as I am willing to potentially clarify on most things, given that my answer will not spoil the case.

Also in regards to Zange's involvement - I would like to state outright here to please take her hints with a grain of salt! To be more specific: all of her important clues will be bolded; anything that isn't bolded, please keep in mind that those clues may or may not be fact. This is how I will be handling future cases from now on in regards to that. If anybody has any sort of complaints or comments about that, feel free to give me or any of the other mods a heads up.

Anyway, as a reminder to please use the evidence top level for any and all evidence! This will also include room search write ups. We have it there for a reason, and we would not like for it to be left unused, especially since it's there for the sake of organization.

In other news: we have realized that there has been a big issue in regards to room searches. We've had the problem with inconsistency and people being unavailable to search in rooms due to work, timezones, or something else coming up. As a reminder for everyone: if you're not going to be available at a certain time or day to please let us know beforehand. Same goes for any future dates - since endgame should be happening in about a month, since full, 100% activity is required for that.

Which we're leading for two polls. The first one will deal with room search timing again, and we would really, heavily appreciate that everyone who is playing a living character answer both of these:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

When do you prefer room searches?

View Answers

Friday, at the beginning of the investigation
5 (55.6%)

Saturday, at the beginning of the trial
4 (44.4%)

Saturday, at 4 PM PST/7 PM EST
1 (11.1%)

Sunday, at the beginning of the trial
1 (11.1%)

How many suspects do you prefer?

View Answers

7 (77.8%)

2 (22.2%)

Activity Check

This is something that I have to bring up to clarify with everyone, just in case it does come up again in the future: since AC ends when execution goes up, threads that deal with the execution and afterparty count for the following week's activity check. So basically, Week 2's execution and afterparty threads will work for Week 3; so on and so forth.

Also, as a note: not voting will now be counting as a strike!

Anyway, with that being said: if there's anything you would like to discuss, please feel free to leave a comment; this is essentially an open forum post for any input everyone might have. And if there's any personal feedback that you would like to give to us in private, feel free to hit up our contact post! The poll will conclude on Friday, April 21st, and we will be having our next feedback post on Saturday, April 15th.

We would to thank everyone in advance for all of the feedback that you give us in this post and bring up on the Discord chat; it really helps us moving forward and keeping this game running well for you guys!



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