Mar. 17th, 2017

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Since it is Friday, we will be holding our first activity check, along with a feedback post - which will be posted in a bit - for the week! Future activity checks will always be held on Fridays and close on Sunday to check in and see who we will need to purposely roll to die.

Activity check consists of:
    2 different threads of 5 comments (from your character) with 2 different characters.

What qualifies for activity check:
  • Private conversations.
  • NPC threads.
  • Mingles.
  • Investigation threads.
  • Trial threads.

All comments are screened for the sake of privacy in regards to private conversations. Passing activity check will net you 20 bonus candy. And don't forget to fill out bonus AC if you can fulfill the requirements as well!

Activity check form:
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Hello there, everybody! Len here, with several announcements. First of all, activity check is live for this week, so make sure you all fill that out. Not checking in with us or filling it out will result in a potential character death, so please do that as soon as you possibly can.

Now then, since week one is approaching, we would like to remind everyone that if you would like to volunteer for the first death to please let me know, either on the mod plurk or contact, or my personal plurk or Discord. We will be doing the rolls tomorrow (3/18), so please keep an eye out for any PMs sent out in regards to that. And remember to keep any roles - murder victim, murderer, suspect, etc - a secret!

Anyway, on with the actual announcements.

We would like some input from you guys as players on some of the things listed, so that we can improve as a game and be less disorganized.

The biggest thing here being tasks. We're thinking of revamping the way sign-ups work a little differently. Since many of the submissions include being undecided for who's doing each task, we were thinking of implementing more of a check-in system where characters only have to sign up for themselves, rather than everyone who is participating. It will also allow us, as mods, to keep a better track of who counts for the task completion and who doesn't. If those of you want a preview of what that's going to look like for the future, we'd for you guys to take a look at this post.

The other thing about tasks that I would like to bring up is a small little poll (hence why I'm on Zange's account for this announcement, not the mod account) for you guys.

Poll #18092 Task Board Posts
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

Would you all prefer to have a separate post for tasks?

View Answers

10 (71.4%)

4 (28.6%)

Also, as a heads up: tasks for next week will have an increased candy rate in order to accommodate the items that are being sold in the store.

The second thing that I would like to address is investigation and trial times. Currently, we have been thinking of having the start and ends dates be 9 AM PST/noon EST and 7 PM PST/9 PM EST, but would anyone prefer a later start time or earlier/later end time? If we get a majority vote on it, we are willing to shift the timeslot over a little bit.

And last but not least, I will address the one thing that was brought up on the Discord chat here in full mod capacity: regarding killers and scapegoats. So, in most murdergames with the scapegoat option, when someone is scapegoated, the murderer is revealed in the end. After double checking with our fellow moderators once again, we've decided to keep our original stance on the mechanic and keep all murderers a secret in the case of a scapegoat. What this means for everyone is that, in the case of a scapegoat, characters may go after the following living characters, thinking that they are the murderer. We would like to ask that any attempts of doing this - especially if it comes to a kill - to please give us a heads up on that first. We will be taking these case by case, depending on what the culprit decides to do - for example, if they do decide to reveal themselves. But that will be something that I will, most likely, address again if and when it happens. We will definitely try our best, however, to make the trials solvable for everyone; they will not be impossible trials.

If there's anything you would like to discuss, please feel free to leave a comment; this is essentially an open forum post for any input everyone might have. And if there's any personal feedback that you would like to give to us in private, feel free to hit up our contact post!

Our next feedback post will be thrown up after the trial next Sunday - that's 3/26, as a heads up!



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